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Batch Upload pdf Invoices

If you would like to batch upload multiple Sales Invoices at once, Import scanned pdf can help you achieve that. All you need to do is scan multiple Sales Invoices into one pdf file, then repeat steps in Import Scanned pdf for Sales Invoices section to upload this pdf file to Miragebooks. It will then auto scan each Sales Invoice in this pdf and create multiple entries accordingly.

To ensure the accuracy of your records, we recommend that you always double click on the newly imported entries and review the details. Please check all fields on the sales invoice information page: Date, Invoice#, From Who or Where, Account, Tax, Total, as well as the amounts and descriptions of each line item on the Sales Invoice.

If you would like to add or edit any information on the Sales Invoice page, please refer to the Manually Create Sales Invoice section for detail instructions.

If you would like to print the imported invoice and send it to a recipient or save it on your device, please refer to Print Sales Invoice section for detailed instruction.

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